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    1.Are hardwood floors difficult to maintain?

    No. In fact they are easier to maintain than carpet, ceramic tile, laminate.

    2.Can I mop my hardwood floors using hot, soapy water?

    No. Water can prematurely age your hardwood flooring and cause it to crack and split.

    3.Why does wood flooring expand? How do I repair damage caused by expansion?
    Wood generally expands when it absorbs moisture in conditions of high relative humidity, or when high moisture content in the sub-floor affects the wood. The effects of expansion are evidenced in cupping and swelling of wood, and if this has occurred in the flooring the affected areas will most likely need replacing. To avoid expansion, humidity levels should be controlled with dehumidifier, an adequate heating and cooling system as well as by good ventilation, with all three methods used if possible. Avoid subjecting floors to wet mopping, water leakage and other potentially damaging activities and circumstances.

    4.Why does wood flooring shrink? How do I repair damage caused by shrinkage?
    Just opposite to the above, wood generally shrinks in conditions of low relative humidity, the loss of moisture causing contraction and eventually crowning after a prolonged dry state. Crowning will most likely call for floor replacement. Shrinkage should be controlled with a humidifier, a good climate control system, and good ventilation.

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